Your Mission-Driven Day 

Discover what it means to live a Mission-Driven Day.


  • Core values are your spotlight shining IN.
  • Vision is your spotlight shining UP.
  • Mission is your spotlight shining OUT.

When you put your head on the pillow at night, think about opportunities where your spotlight shined out.

  • Did you Serve?
  • Were you Present?
  • Did you Create Win-Win opportunities? 

Obstacles, distractions and weak moments are always within reach, so be vigilant to avoid the road hazards that derail your mission-driven day. Not every hazard can be controlled or even avoided, but you can manage how you respond to them.

Keep watch for the usual suspects that can creep in and knock you off track. Stand up tall, and don’t let these barriers stop you.

  • Imposter Syndrome. Lack of confidence is real for us all. If you get stuck in that ditch of “I’m not good enough,” your mission suffers.
  • Fear. Dread, worry, and anxiety can paralyze even the most driven of us. Standing still won’t push you forward.
  • Lack of Control. A sense that things are spinning out, taking you away from your best outcome.
  • Selfishness. Sometimes you fall into a trap of feeling you are not getting rewarded for your effort and lose sight of the payoff from service.

We all have heard about Mission-Driven Companies, and you can apply this same approach to each day in your personal life. That means making a commitment to your mission to shining your spotlight outward.


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