Share Your Gratitude. It’s Harvest Time.

Sea Captain Coaching looks at the Fourth Quarter of the year as harvest time for new client referrals. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza are celebratory times when we have warm appreciation for our relationships with family, friends and clients. We encourage you to visit with your top 20 clients during the next two months with three objectives. None of them are selling or providing updates on markets. These are relationship meetings.

Top 20 client relationship meeting objectives:

  • Share your vision for your practice in 2021 and how it will impact the client.
  • Express your appreciation to them as a valued client.
  • Engage with them about your client development strategy for 2021.

It’s an opportunity for you to remind these clients about your core values and why you first started working together. This puts you in a position to align future relationships for success based on the characteristics about these clients that you admire and respect. For example, express to your clients that: “My goal is to add 25 new clients to my firm in 2021. I’d like five of them to be just like you.” Then, share the characteristics you admire about each individual client. It’s an effective, meaningful and heartfelt way to ask for new referrals.

The net result of this effort is that you have the opportunity to receive up to 100 introductions during a productive harvest time. For many career Advisors, this can lead to a year’s worth of successful production. Next harvest season, you can take 50 clients and repeat the process with them again.

Share your gratitude. It’s harvest time!

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