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Customized, Purpose-driven Guidance

Our group offers a comprehensive suite of customized, purpose-driven coaching guidance for individuals, professionals, executives, business leaders, physicians, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

One of the greatest shifts individuals make in their leadership journey is to understand and prepare themselves for the transition points in their roles. This can be when they move from being directly responsible for a task to managing a small team, from entry-level leadership positions to running their organization. Every time their duties and responsibilities increase, they must break out of their comfort zones, reassess, and reconceive their role. A willingness to break patterns opens the door to real growth — visionary growth. It is not always easy to uncover these patterns in your business or personal life. Sailing into the uncharted waters of your new vision includes summoning the willingness to face and overcome apprehension and challenges. We will walk with you as you pursue this discovery and transition from a familiar past to a healthier, more productive future.

Sea Captain Coaching’s instructor-led, personalized training curriculum allows your team to participate in monthly group coaching programs. These sessions are engaging, highly interactive and offer participants a wonderful way to share information and learn from one another. By providing informed guidance, Sea Captain Coaching helps groups agree upon shared accountability and shared goals to help reach a decision, plan, or outcome everyone can commit to achieving.

We offer customized one-day and multi-day seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • Leading Your Organization
  • Visionary Success
  • Creating a Powerful Team Vision
  • Team Leadership Development
  • Prospecting Like a Planner
  • Effective Communications
  • Building Your Growth & Business Plan


Sea Captain Coaching offers industry-leading online training
curriculum designed to put business leaders and top
performers on a path to quantum growth. Our
game-changing and highly structured courses include
experienced guidance on implementing foundational
elements for building a robust enterprise, optimizing the
strategy and structure of your organization, and developing
leadership skills and team members.

Clearly defining your role and the value you add results in more informed clients, a greater appreciation of your advisory services, increased cross selling and garnering assets from current and prospective clients. It is essential that you can articulate your value proposition to clients in a consistent and compelling manner. We will share language fundamentals and techniques that guarantee results.
Our credentialed coaches are available for motivational speaking engagements to inspire and offer insights to professionals on their leadership journey.