Sea Captain Coaching Launches New Game-Changing Training Curriculum for Financial Professionals

Sea Captain Coaching is pleased to announce the launch of its new industry-leading training curriculum that is designed to put business leaders and top performers in the financial services industry on a path to quantum growth. These game-changing, highly structured new courses include experienced guidance on implementing foundational elements for building a robust business, optimizing the strategy and structure of a financial planning practice, and developing leadership skills and team members.

The new Sea Captain Coaching instructor-led, personalized training curriculum will be available in early Spring and clients can participate in training individually or in a group setting as well as in-person or virtually to maximize the efficiency of the program. The curriculum is structured in four interactive modules that establish the building blocks for creating a dynamic financial planning organization and creation of a high-impact business plan.

“Our ultimate objective in launching the new Sea Captain Coaching training curriculum is to share the expertise and vast knowledge we have accrued while working with the best and the brightest in the financial services industry over the last 30 years,” says Sea Captain Coaching Founder and President Phil Bender.

“While we realize there are a wide array of resources available that dispense advice and sales tips for Financial Advisors, we firmly believe most of them stop short of providing a comprehensive game plan of cohesive strategies and systems for predictable performance. Our new curriculum puts a primary emphasis on the crucial importance of strategic business development, practice management and emotional growth for business leaders who want to build a dynamic financial planning organization. One of its core tenets is how process, not setting goals, drives performance.”

“It also includes learning how Advisors need to articulate and establish clients’ dreams for success, identify the purpose that drives them and align it with the clients they serve as well as determine how to change unproductive behavioral patterns in their life.”

The Sea Captain Coaching team has experience coaching and providing practice management solutions to more than 1,500 Financial Advisors across the country. Contact us today at or (203) 286-3497 to learn more about how to enroll in our new strategic, process-driven training programs that drive financial planning organizations to their productivity target.

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