Sea Captain Coaching Expands to the West Coast

Chris George

Sea Captain Coaching today announced that Chris George has been appointed as an Executive Coach and will be based in Orange County, CA. Chris is an accomplished coach and trainer with a background in retail management, customer service, and performing arts. He is nationally recognized for offering individualized coaching focused on refining interpersonal skills to deepen client engagement, creating actionable steps toward achieving goals and metrics, exploring team dynamics to drive performance, and leading with integrity and dynamism.

His background spans a variety of industries and roles, and each of these experiences informs his work as an Executive, Business, and Leadership coach. Chris’s experience includes 15 years working for one of the top international luxury goods companies where he primarily focused on being a leader, trainer, and coach.

“Successful leaders and organizations are realizing that ‘soft skills’ are increasingly more important in the business world,” says George. “Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in my coaching, and it is the discipline that really propels client engagements. It opens a door to exploration that invites a humanistic approach to business development. Being present with someone, listening, asking powerful questions, and helping them find clarity is exciting. And when a client has an ‘a-ha’ moment, it’s truly rewarding to recognize that they had this untapped potential inside of them just waiting to emerge.

My guiding values in my business are simplicity, authenticity, and integrity. Sea Captain Coaching has a strong values-based approach that aligns beautifully with my own, and I look forward to working together to impact lives in a holistic and purposeful manner. The Sea Captain team is service oriented and mission-driven, with the clients’ goals always taking center stage. That allows for a truly personalized approach – whether in a group or individual setting. I appreciate how the development plans are designed for sustained learning and growth. Phil has assembled an excellent team with diverse talents, and I am excited to align with the group.

Chris holds two coaching credentials: the Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation and the Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification from Brown University/ACT Leadership. Additionally, Chris is a certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant/Practitioner through Multi-Health Systems.

Sea Captain Coaching CEO Phil Bender says: “Chris George is flat out a great coach. He is client-centered, has terrific technical skills, and is growth-minded. This combined with his unique career perspective makes his coaching offering very strong.”

To schedule a free consultation with Chris to discuss your performance goals and where he may fit in your strategic growth plan, please contact him today at

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