Sea Captain Coaching Attracts Veteran Talent

Dan Cormier

Sea Captain Coaching is proud to announce and welcome Dan Cormier as a new Executive Coach. Dan specializes in creating programs to develop senior executives, management teams, and cross-functional leaders, ensuring they are prepared to make a positive impact on their organizations. He is a former U.S. Army Colonel who is highly skilled at developing leaders to maximize the effectiveness of organizations and connect talent to results. Dan is committed to helping leaders learn and grow, while offering guidance to improve organizational leadership programs.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to help my new Sea Captain Coaching clients unlock their potential by seeing challenges and solutions from different perspectives, developing their leadership skills, and turning their efforts into the achievement of personal and group goals,”  says Cormier. “Phil’s team has a proven track record of producing exceptional results. I am ready to contribute to the firm’s continued growth through the leadership development portion of its portfolio, both as a coach and training curriculum developer.”

“All of the Sea Captain Coaching coaches are experienced professionals who want a way to give back to others and help them be successful. This commitment is evident in how the group cooperates and supports each other, as well as how we work with our clients to achieve their goals.”

Prior to joining Sea Captain Coaching, Dan developed leaders for the United States Department of Defense and government. He was a professor at both the Naval and Army War Colleges where he specialized in leadership, national security, and Middle Eastern Studies. In these roles, he prepared future senior leaders of the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State and other agencies, as well as officers from U.S. partner nations, for leadership positions throughout their enterprises. Most recently, Dan served as the Senior Curriculum Design Manager for the U.S. Naval Leadership and Ethics Center, which delivers role-specific development programs to improve the leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills of Navy Leaders.

Sea Captain Coaching CEO Phil Bender states: “Dan Cormier is a lifelong learner, Military leader, interactive listener, teacher, and strategist. His experience training and developing senior governmental leaders is hard to replicate. We’re very fortunate to have someone with his expertise join our team.”

To schedule a free consultation with Dan to discuss your performance goals and where he may fit in your strategic growth plan, please contact him today at or (717) 344-4726.

Photo by Meghan Sepe

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