Sea Captain Coaching Announces the Launch of Sea Captain Analytics

Sea Captain Coaching officially announced the launch of Sea Captain Analytics, a proprietary analytical technology and coaching program that drives top-line revenue growth while creating cost-saving efficiencies for Advisors, teams, and Client Relationship Centers (CRCs). The platform is for Northwestern Mutual Advisors and Network Offices only and was developed by Northwestern Mutual team members David Thomas III, Wealth Management Advisor and Coaching Lead, and Amit Chatwani, Technology Lead. It is designed to help Advisor teams and CRCs harvest 30-40% of new production and enable Network Offices and top-producer teams to add to their bottom line significantly.

“Sea Captain Analytics addresses the core issues faced by CRCs and teams across the Northwestern Mutual system,” says Founder David Thomas. “These include the fact that identifying opportunities in an extensive policyholder list can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, and building opportunity lists was previously a very manual process. Current CRM Views and reports are also typically missing key elements to make them easily actionable.
“Our new platform instantly creates opportunity lists for teams and CRCs with a simple copy and paste of client names. The lists give the Advisors contact info, a snapshot of current NM business, and tactical opportunities to consider. This includes a summary of both insurance coverage and wealth management information. These opportunities give the Advisor actionable data that they can consider without researching across multiple NM systems. Data is also matched with leadership and organizational coaching to ensure pain-free implementation for clients and client firms.”

Sea Captain Analytics is a secure desktop tool that is an internal NM solution developed with privacy and data security as top priorities. It is not connected to the internet, and input data is downloaded from CRM. All client information stays on the user’s computer, and users are not required to send or show any client data to the Sea Captain Analytics support team. A 3rd party cyber-security team has tested the tool and soundly passed its standards for desktop tools in the financial services industry.
“We are thrilled about the launch of Sea Captain Analytics platform,” says Sea Captain Coaching CEO & Founder Phil Bender. “The tool and technology are cutting edge but are only one part of the transformative impact we believe it will have on our clients. The Sea Captain Analytics team will partner with client organizations to understand their unique vision for growth and custom tailor the system to help them make that vision a reality.”

To learn more about how Sea Captain Analytics can help you and your team unlock a Forum-level of new premium and significantly add to your bottom line, please get in touch with David Thomas at or (717) 940-8870.

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