Phil Bender Launches Sea Captain Coaching

J Philip Bender, announces the launch of Sea Captain Coaching. Sea Captain Coaching works with leaders and top performers in the corporate, closely-held business market and financial services industry.

As an awarded industry leader, Phil has a wealth of experience spanning 30 years in the financial services sector. Most recently, he was a Managing Partner in a Fortune 100 firm.

Phil, a resident of Fairfield County, CT, and the Newport, RI, area, is a recognized entertainer and motivational speaker. He is consistently sought after to engage audiences in creative solutions to attaining and maintaining peak performance by driving discussions that clarify core values, vision and mission.

The Sea Captain Coaching Method is interactive and enjoyable, but most importantly Phil delivers impactful content with the aim of attaining measurable goals.

Sea Captain Coaching revolves around four core elements: effective listening, personal and professional growth, risk-taking, and laughter.
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