Personal Growth is All About Motion

Motion Matters:
The opposite of anxiety is not peace; it’s assertion—it’s motion. Personal growth is all about motion. What movement do you want in your life? What do you want to create? How do you want to live?

What’s in a Personal Growth Plan?
Vision is always number one. Start with your Vision, then think about the other elements of your Personal Growth Plan. The plan is different for everyone—there are no wrong answers here. It’s all about how this fits into your Vision of what you want your life to be. Ask yourself some of these questions to give structure to your personal growth.

  • Housing: How do I want to live? Do I want to own a house? Do I want to travel the world and hop from Airbnb to Airbnb?
  • Financial Wellness: Where do I want to spend my money? How do I want to manage my money?
  • Health: This entails everything from physical to emotional well being. What do I want my diet to look like? How about exercise, or sleep, or even my sex life?
  • Food + Beverage: Do I drink? Do I not? How do I enjoy food in my life?
  • Family: What does the family of my future look like? How do I handle caregiving?
  • Continuing Education + Learning: How do I learn? At what levels do I learn? How do I like to get information? How do I like to share the information I learn?
  • Business: How do I conduct my business? Is work my identity? Is it a means for me to provide financially?
  • Coaching + Mentoring: Who am I helping? Am I volunteering? Am I growing the next generation, or does it even matter to me?
  • Relationships: Does marriage matter to me? What is the basis of my friendships?

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