Newly Released Sea Captain Way for Financial Advisors Now Available on Amazon

Sea Captain Coaching today announced the release of its new book, The Sea Captain Way for Financial Advisors: Charting Your Course to Visionary Growth. The book is about energizing top performers to take on risks and push beyond their comfort zone to pursue life-changing goals and achieve peak performance. It is designed to serve as a guide to help formulate strategic, process-driven action plans that put financial services professionals on a path to quantum growth.

Amy Jamrog, Financial Advisor, Coach, Best-selling Author and Speaker says: “The Sea Captain’s Way offers Financial Advisors the whole package. You’ll learn how to transition from a sales model to being a business owner, how to create and showcase your own brand, and how to build an experience that makes your clients feel genuinely cared for. Phil brings wisdom and heart into every chapter of this special book. Whether you’re a new Advisor, or you’ve been around as long as me, you’ll find this guidebook to be filled with gems. A must read.”

The book was written by Sea Captain Coaching CEO & Founder Phil Bender, who is an award-winning financial services industry leader and ACT- and Brown University-Certified Coach, with Greg Patton, who is the President of Trade Wind Marketing, a partner firm that specializes in the financial services industry. Phil and his team have coached and worked with thousands of Financial Advisors to deliver bottom-line results.

“After more than 30 years in the financial services industry and 16 leading a firm, I realized I was always at the top of my game when I had a personal or group coach by my side,” says Bender. “Things always worked out for the best when I had someone who took the time to meet me where I was in my career and spend time understanding my vision for my business. I enjoyed the benefit of working with tremendous mentors, bosses and coaches who had a huge impact on my life, both personally and professionally. The Sea Captain Way for Financial Advisors is my way of paying it forward.”

The Sea Captain Way for Financial Advisors: Charting Your Course to Visionary Growth is now available on Amazon.


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