Entrepreneurial Business Leader Comes Onboard at Sea Captain Coaching

Sea Captain Coaching is pleased to announce that Alan Harlam has affiliated with us as an Executive Coach. Alan’s coaching practice is built on a foundation of experiences ranging from teaching at Brown University, leading a social enterprise and working for more than 25 years as an entrepreneurial business leader. His coaching is based on a collaborative process that leads to learning, growth, and change.

Alan works to help clients overcome obstacles, unlock their full potential, and find creative ways forward. The support his clients receive often comes in the form of questions that challenge them to examine blind spots, reconsider beliefs around limitations, and make a push toward learning and growth that feels authentic.

“I am delighted about the opportunity to join the Sea Captain Coaching team,” says Harlam. “CEO and Founder Phil Bender and I both had successful careers before we began coaching. That experience has guided us to want to give back to others what we’ve been given and learned, and use that as inspiration to support others on their journey.”

“I have been so impressed by witnessing the purposefulness of Phil’s transition into becoming a coach and how he collaborates with young Advisors and Leaders who have so much to gain from his experience. He has so much respect for every individual’s journey.”

In his role as an Executive Coach, Alan will be focused on entrepreneurship, strategy management and business planning. Together with his clients, he commits to the goals they set for themselves and makes a parallel commitment to helping them achieve their objectives.

Bender remarked: “Since meeting Alan at the Leadership and Performance Coaching program at Brown University, I’ve felt like we are kindred spirits in many ways. We immediately connected on a deep level about the importance of mission and purpose in a coaching engagement. I am excited about him coming onboard and what he will be offering our clients.”

To schedule an appointment with Alan to learn more about his strength-based coaching approach and have a discussion with him about your ambitions and where he may fit in your growth plan, please contact him directly at aharlam@gmail.com or (401) 480-1190 to schedule a free consultation.

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