Are you Optional or Procedural?

When I first moved to Connecticut, one of my top financial advisors, Anthony Incerto, shared his perspective on two types of people he had run across in his life: optional and procedural.

This distinction between optional and procedural individuals focuses on their behaviors and how they react in certain situations. As you read about the traits of each, think about which one more closely identifies you.

Optional People
Are you motivated by impending deadlines but tend to procrastinate until the last minute? Do you have a creative and visionary mindset? You might be Optional!

Optional individuals…
• Have to work hard to be on time
• Shoot from the hip
• Are deadline-driven
• Think well on their feet
• Tend to procrastinate
• Can be easily distracted
• Take more risks

Optional people have difficulty creating structure, but once they do, they work magic inside of it. Think about marriage: if two Optional people are married to each other, they might struggle to get their bills paid. Not that they don’t have the money; they just don’t have the structure to get the money applied towards the bill.

Procedural People
Are you the type of person who follows directions and always starts at the beginning? Are you a planner who likes to create schedules and follow patterns? You might be Procedural!

Procedural individuals…
• Are automatically punctual
• Plan ahead
• Complete tasks on time
• Struggle with taking risks
• Are detail-driven
• Thrive on follow through

Procedural people have no problem creating and sticking to a path. Let’s think about marriage again; if two Procedural people are married to each other, they get those bills paid on time, but they may not take any risks or do anything outside their box.

Whether in business or marriage, partnership between Optional and Procedural people can create great harmony. Self-awareness and agreed upon structure are key. When the boundaries are clear and respected, these partners can play off of each other in areas where the other is weaker or stronger. The example I always use is Walt and Roy Disney. Creative, visionary thinker, Walt, we all know and admire, but without Roy Disney, you likely would never have seen the follow through to have this creative energy come to life.

Are you Optional or Procedural? Download this quick guide with the characteristics of both optional and procedural people. There is no right or wrong here. It’s all about knowing where you fall, so you can adjust your behavior and reactions to be the most impactful.

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