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We can’t wait to hear your story

Sea Captain Coaching is dedicated to engaging in meaningful conversations and collaborating to develop effective solutions that drive peak performance. Our certified coaches lead discussions that clarify your core values, vision, and mission.These are the roots for building and growing your dynamic organization.

We will help you crystallize these elements and show you the importance of their application. This includes:

Learning how to articulate and establish your dream for success.
Mission Driven
Identifying the purpose that drives you and aligning it with the clients you serve.
Behavior Pattern Shift
Determining the “one-degree” shift in your current behavioral patterns that will allow you to experience exponential career growth.

Our Values

To achieve and sustain lasting success, you must continue to grow by taking personal, emotional, and professional risks. Real confidence comes from acting in the face of fear and accomplishing goals in the face of obstacles.
Enduring Relationships
Relationships are based in intimacy and mutual trust. We achieve this standard by listening, challenging, and sharing direct feedback and support.
commitment to
self & others
Commitments should be honored through mutual accountability and personal responsibility. The examples we set in our own lives are the strongest testimonials and bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.
Every individual has unique attributes, insights and perspectives that should be respected, celebrated, and shared. Bringing a diverse team together in an inclusive culture leads us to collectively and more effectively achieve success.